Beautiful Websites for Birth Businesses


Beautiful Websites for Birth Businesses

The Mission

The Mission


Let me midwife youR Website

Margo Blackstone Design is a web design service just for you - the modern birth keeper (although I have been branching out more lately, and am open to all types of projects!).  If you are tired of boring pastel color schemes with cliche'd belly clip art, then I'm your gal

I am here to give structure to the branding and web design process, provide creative direction, transform your vision into something cohesive, and of course, do all the technological work so you don't have to!   

I see a gap that needs to be filled in the birth world as we work to connect to clients and share our knowledge more effectively.  Birth workers need modern, beautiful, mobile responsive sites to reach their communities and beyond.

I want to help you develop your web presence so that you get more perfect clients, and those lucky clients find their perfect match in you as well.   Let me midwife you as we co-create your new branding materials and launch your new website.  

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Each website I design is unique, just like the person (or group of people) it represents.  I am so honored to work with birth workers in this process of crafting a web presence.  For some of these women, this is the first time they have a clear picture of how amazing their offerings are - one midwife was even brought to tears!  I try to honestly portray where each birth business and businesswoman is at in her journey so that her perfect clients are magnetized to her.


Veritas Birth Association

This site needed a video to do it justice since it uses parallax scrolling.

Asasiya - Inner Circle Midwifery and Women's Healing Center

Sacred Journey Birth 

Thrive - Birth Services of Delmarva

Bella Births

Sacred Science Birth Arts



Margo relieved me of the burden of designing my website, logo, and marketing materials. It felt so good to hire a professional to take care of my online business presence. The process was easy and the turnaround time was quick. Now I have a beautiful, original, and professional website that I love to share!
— Maria
Building my website with Margo was a fantastic experience. When I contacted Margo, I knew nothing about a website except that I needed one. She was so patient and walked through the process with me, explaining everything. I had no idea what options were available so it took me a while to figure out my web style. Margo was so great along the way. And now I have a website that truly reflects my style! I love it! Within the first week, I had three people asking about my services, through my website. I can’t thank Margo enough for walking beside me through this journey.
— Angee

My Packages

My Packages

Essentials Package // $1000*

My Essentials Package is great for birth workers who have 1 - 3 services to highlight, need up to 6 pages (home / about / services / testimonials / contact is the most common), already have their logo, color scheme, fonts (or don't have those things but are ok with their branding being very basic for the moment), and who want a beautiful, easy to navigate website that can be created FAST (usually within 2 weeks from when you get me your homework back!).  This provides a solid foundation to add to later as your budget allows, if you expand your business, or if you get excited about learning web design yourself with the tools I show you.  

This package also includes three 30-60 minute calls as well as unlimited emails during the creation of your project.  The first call happens once I get your homework back to clarify a direction.  The second happens about halfway through the site building process and is to make sure I understand your project and am headed in the right direction. The last call happens when I am nearly finished with your website and we go over site maintenance and talk about any final tweaks.   

*I charge $1000 for a Squarespace site. This does not include your domain name, any fees associated with the platform you use, or hosting fees.  

Deluxe Package // $1750

My Deluxe Package is perfect for clients who want a complete style guide for their brand (or rebrand), up to 10 pages on their website, more site customization with additional graphics made by me, more intricate web design (parallax, sliders, blog and podcast set up and coaching) and/or coaching around newsletter creation, podcasting and blogging in the birth world.  

Branding Vision + Brand Style Board // Through a back and forth process (including homework and one 60 minute phone/Skype call) I create a brand style guide that includes a color palette, font recommendations, photos, textures, your logo(s) and any other elements that make up your visual branding presence. This includes two revisions.

Custom Graphics // Rather than rely on Squarespace features (which are great, but only go so far!), I'll create unique calls to action, buttons, page headers, podcast images, and a Facebook page cover using the branding vision we create together.  

Additional Web Pages (Up to 15) // Design and set up of extra pages (beyond the standard 5 page website in my Essential Package). Examples include...resource pages, password protected areas for clients, product pages, online courses, podcasts, photo galleries, blogs, stores, calendars and events pages.  

Refining Phone Calls // In addition to the 60 minute call about your Brand Styling (which is early on in the process), we'll have two more 90 minute long phone calls, generally once in the middle of the web design process to introduce you to the back end of your site, and once near the end of the process to over any final tweaks and changes. If you are setting up a podcast, blog, store, or newsletter, I can give you some coaching around those topics during our phone calls and emails as well.

Discounted Hourly Rate // Deluxe Package clients get a 25% discount on my hourly rates for future site maintenance or sprucing on the project we created.

*I charge $1500 for a Deluxe Squarespace site.  This does not include your domain name, any fees associated with the platform you use, or hosting fees, which typically run $200 or less a year total.

**These package prices are for 2018 clients.  

If you are unsure which package will meet your needs, send me a message!  We can always create the right package for you by adding things a la carte.  

Book Me

Book Me


Take a look at the packages I offer to get a sense of what is included and which would be the best fit for you, then fill out my New Client Consult Form to give me some more information about you and your project needs.   I will get back to you with a time to have an initial phone consult so I answer any questions you may have.

I typically work with clients in two-three week blocks, meaning you have my full attention on your project.  Just like in birth, I cannot birth your website FOR you, but am here as your trusted guide and confidant.  I want to help you bring out the unique aspects of your work so that your future clients immediately have a sense of who you are, and why they should hire you.  So, let's get started!

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